“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. The real time skill assessment technology used was impressive.”


“Super Educational. Lenny Nathan is superb explaining the course.”


“Great course to take, the instructor was very helpful.”


“Great hands on experience!”


“What can I say…. Lenny Nathan is the absolute BEST!!! If you TRULY want to feel confident that you are capable of saving a human life, then you MUST come see my buddy Lenny! I just took my third CPR/AED course with him this week. I’m a personal trainer and because of Covid, solely this year, I was allowed to submit an online CPR certificate to full fill my renewal requirements. That said, online courses are CHEAP! And, exactly that! You get what you pay for. Lenny Nathan is such a brilliant and passionate instructor, that I opted to spend the money and come see him again regardless! He’s more than worth every penny! I appreciate him so much! He was super impressed with my knowledge of CPR, and I have him, and of course myself, to thank for that. I feel super confident that I WILL save a person’s life if I’m ever in the necessary situation, and I have Lenny to thank for that! This all said, look no further! Spend the money and get the education that you, your family, your clients, and people in general need and deserve. Thanks Lenny! You’re the best! See you in two years if not before :)”


“Lenny is the best instructor to teach BLS and CPR! He presented all information in a calm and direct way. You come out of his class feeling ready to jump in to save lives!! Thank you for doing this Lenny”


“Lenny Nathan is an excellent instructor. He emphasized the necessity for widespread awareness and education of Basic Life Support (CPR and AED) and First Aid. The hands on training gave me the confidence not only to assist in an emergency, but also to share the knowledge with my friends and family. Thank you HealthSav!”


“Lenny is very knowledgeable on health and safety and takes the time to extend his expertise to others. Great teacher.”


“Phenomenal instruction and exceptional teacher. Very highly recommended.”