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CPR Training FAQ

HealthSav can work with you to develop a program to get you and your employees trained in the CPR course best suited for your needs. For instance, we would not recommend you take the 6-hour professional course if you work in a restaurant. There are several options available.

No. The Good Samaritan laws protect any bystander who attempts to help a victim by performing CPR. There is no legal obligation or any legal recourse that could be taken against you. Early CPR is the best way to save a person who suffers sudden cardiac arrest. If CPR is not started in the first 3 minutes of SCA, EMS will often arrive too late to be able to save the victim.

All of the classes taught by HealthSav LLC use the American Heart Association’s (AHA) protocols and training materials. All classes (except for adult only) teach adult, children, and infant CPR and how to handle choking situations with adults, children, and infants. The BLS Provider course and the Heartsaver AED course give full training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). The family and friends course will discuss the AED, but students will not get hands-on training.

The classes we teach are under the American Heart Association. The BLS Provider and the Heartsaver AED offer a course completion card which will certify you for two years from the date of the class. Many professionals and non-professionals take the class every year, but the only requirement to maintain one’s certification is to take the class again just prior to the expiration date. Certification itself will never ensure your skill set. The only way to maintain skills during the 2 year period is through review and/or practice.

There are no legal requirements at this time for maintaining an AED at most businesses. However, any health club with a membership of 500 or more is required to have at least 1 AED on site. They shall have in attendance at all times during business hours, at least one individual performing employment or individual acting as an authorized volunteer who holds a valid certification of completion of a course in the study of the operation of AEDs and in the training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation provided by a nationally recognized organization or association.

HealthSav is a big proponent of Public Access Defibrillation and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Early defibrillation is the most important element in helping someone who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest. We can easily set your business up with an affordable device and will take care of all the registration and training requirements. In 2010, the NYS legislature passed and the governor signed a new AED Good Samaritan Law that virtually removes all liability from any business or entity that owns an AED. Anyone using it is covered under Good Samaritan Laws. An AED in any business is an investment into safety.


The kit is required to have either two pediatric face masks and two adult face masks with one-way air valves and four sets of gloves, or four face shields with one-way air valves instead of the masks.

No. In addition to the kit, a specifically worded sign must be posted for all patrons according to NYS Department of Health guidelines. A sign, again specifically worded, must be on the equipment. We provide the signage at no added cost.

All of our kits are in a case suitable for wall mounting. Contents include four face shields with one-way air valves, four pairs of disposable gloves, red biohazard bag, and alcohol wipes.

The equipment meets all the standards for the NYS Health Code ordinance (3000D), which requires all restaurants, bars, health clubs, and theaters to have CPR kits (for public use). HealthSav will include all signs (framed or laminated) required by the NYS law in order to make your business compliant. Contact us with your order or questions and we’ll send a representative to your establishment to survey your specific needs. Kits are typically brought to you within 24 hours.

No. The Health Department requires the equipment be at these locations so that bystanders trained in CPR have access to them. We recommend that people be trained in CPR, but this is currently not a requirement for your employees from the Health Department.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) FAQ

An AED is known as an automated external defibrillator. This device can help a person who has cardiac arrest by sending an electronic shock to the victim’s heart, and thereby hopefully getting the heart to start beating on its own again. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is not a heart attack. SCA kills over 350,000 people in the U.S. every year. Less than 11% survive due to people not starting CPR immediately and the lack of an AED arriving soon enough. Proper and early use of CPR and AED can save countless lives every year.

An AED is actually very easy to learn how to use. The classes we teach feature extensive hands-on practice with AED training units including the BLS Provider and the Heartsaver AED. The training units do everything a real AED does except delivering a real shock, thereby making its use in the class setting very safe. We can demonstrate AED’s for you at your location and let you see how easy they are to use.

AEDs are available to anyone. In New York State, the units are required to be issued with a prescription from a medical director, and then registered with the NYS Health Department. HealthSav takes care of all this legwork to make sure you have the AED properly registered. Then we oversee that the AED is maintained properly at your site.

Yes. An AED is an adjunct of CPR. The AED is a device that can actually get a stopped heart started. If an AED is not available soon after the incident, CPR will not be enough to save the person suffering sudden cardiac arrest. However, CPR is crucial to sudden cardiac arrest victims until the AED can be applied and deliver its shock. Many if not most deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrests are due to no CPR having been started prior to emergency personnel arriving.

AED devices have come down in price as the technology has become more standard. HealthSav will work with you to determine the best type of unit for your needs. We are a distributor for ZOLL and Philips AEDs. You can also file to receive a $500 tax rebate in NYS per unit on all AEDs purchased in the tax year.

First off, congratulations! Having an AED available on site is a huge step any business can take in providing a safe work environment for their employees. But having an AED is not the final step. Proper registration, proper overview of an internal AED plan is of utmost necessity. It would not be a good thing if the AED is needed in the future and the unit is pulled from its case with a dead battery or expired pads. We’ll ensure the units at your site are properly maintained, checked, and available if and when they’re needed to save a life.

Yes. We’re a distributor for ZOLL and Philips AEDs. All AEDs basically do the same thing, but we chose ZOLL and Philips as two companies that we feel offer superior service for their AED customers. We can also provide you with optional AED management services to ensure you are compliant year after year without any problem. We’re able to supply any brand AED at competitive pricing.