About Us

Develop the Proper Skills With Specialized Training

HealthSav was given the prestigious status of Authorized Training Center by the American Heart Association in October 2009. We specialize in the training of individuals for developing the proper skills and demeanor to encounter any kind of crisis. You’re trained on the proper mechanics of CPR, as well as to stay calm under pressure.

Founded With the Idea of Helping People Take Action

Our business was founded in 2006 by Lenny Nathan, a retired production executive in the broadcast television industry, who was an EMT in Rockland County. He provides healthcare and training to professionals in the medical industry. Through his years in organizing and producing major live sporting events like Super Bowls, World Series, Kentucky Derby et al, Mr. Nathan learned how to stay calm under pressure. This is something that is applied to all of our training.

Reliable CPR Training Helps You Handle Any Situation

Our CPR training is the finest available with more hands-on time working on a manikin than almost any other course. We create real, life-like situations to help you gain the skills and confidence to perform a CPR. We offer regularly scheduled courses open to the public.

American Heart Association Authorized Training Center